Coal Creek Bridge

When the U.S. Forest Service (USFS) needed to make repairs to the road crossing Coal Creek on Highway 219 south of Powers, Oregon in 2016, they turned to local contractor West Coast Contractors (WCC). After a proposal process, WCC was determined to provide the best overall value to the USFS.

Coal Creek had been running through two culverts under the highway for several years. As culverts hinder native fish migrations, many are being replaced with bridges as repairs are needed. For this job, WCC needed to perform road realignment, set two concrete abutments, and mount five precast, prestressed concrete 5' high x 6.5' wide x 123' long girders. The abutments are set on 10-inch diameter steel piles for reinforcement. Paving, curbs and rails were added to complete the bridge. Additionally, WCC installed 1,500 cy of riprap on the stream bank and placed 100 large boulders in the stream bed to enhance fish passage.

This project stretched over two seasons due to fish runs. The bridge and road realignment were completed in October 2016. WCC came back in the summer of 2017 to remove the old culverts and perform additional stream remediation to finish up the project.

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