North Crabtree Railroad Bridge

Originally built in 1900, the North Crabtree Railroad Bridge was re-constructed by WCC in 2010. The bridge is located on the Albany & Eastern Railroad (AER), which serves the timber and agriculture industries, moving logs, lumber, and agricultural goods to communities throughout the Willamette Valley and beyond. North Crabtree Railroad Bridge is one of many bridges located on the AER and runs over Crabtree Creek. WCC's renovations consisted of extensive repairs to the bridge including the replacement of rivets, bolts and structural steel. WCC's proprietary Project Control System ensured effective job planning and execution while suspended platforms were built to support the crew throughout the project to ensure the highest safety standards. Recognized for meeting award winning safety-standards, WCC takes safety and planning into each job with precise precaution. After the completion of the North Crabtree Bridge, WCC returned to perform complex repairs on three additional historic bridges on the AER.

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