Oregon Resources Corporation

Founded in 1989 in Portland, Oregon, Oregon Resources Corporation, Inc. (ORC) began the exploration of mineral sand properties in southwestern Oregon. WCC, in conjunction with ORC, developed the first domestic source of chromite and other valuable minerals in the United States. WCC's efforts to help develop the Southern Oregon Mineral Sands project, which covers approximately 2,600 acres of terraced mineral sand properties near Coos Bay, Oregon, is a valuable resource to U.S. foundries seeking a local source of heavy minerals. Using WCC's highly experienced teams and cutting edge equipment, WCC drove over 500 pilings and poured over 8,000 yards of concrete for the plant foundation, constructed the drainage system and oversaw the asphalt installation. In a previous project at the same site, WCC removed soil that may have had contaminants from years of industrial use and replaced it with an environmentally friendly mix of sand and oyster shells.

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