Main Street Boat Dock Improvement

West Coast Contractors has been awarded the $1.3 million contract for the redesign and replacement of the 4th Street Boat Dock. Known as the "Main Street Landing," the original dock that existed was limited to seasonal boating and fishing use. The temporary dock that was 120 feet in length would be removed and stored at the Napa Valley Marina in preparation for flood season each year. The new dock that West Coast Contractors is installing will further enhance the functionality of the riverfront district by providing boaters with daytime access and mooring.

WCC is constructing the new dock offsite as they await the completion of dredging the river floor to provide an even depth. Support walls will be put into place to prevent the natural buildup of silt. West Coast Contractors is replacing the wooden pilings that marked the site in favor of sturdier steel ones that can support the permanent replacement dock. The new dock will increase in length from 120 feet to 226 feet and will be comprised of floating concrete sections. The longer dock will provide moorings for a larger number of vessels and will have separate access points for sporting boats and smaller watercrafts like kayaks and canoes.

While the new dock is not meant to provide overnight mooring, it will also include proper security lighting for the gangway, ramp and dock. Highlighting the dock replacement project is no longer having the need for removal of the dock during flood season. The planned dock will be operational year-round, and in the event of seasonal flooding the gangway can be raised to a safe height using mechanical winches.

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