Neskowin Emergency Egress

Neskowin is a coastal community in Tillamook County, Oregon which is a destination area for those wanting to escape to the beach for a time. Access to the housing area near the beach is limited to one street with a bridge that crosses Hawk creek. This presents problems during times of flooding when the bridge may be closed or if a tsunami were to hit the area.

Tillamook County has long planned an emergency egress from the community and put the project out for competitive bid in 2020. West Coast Contractors (WCC) was the successful bidder on the job.

The work consists of replacing undersized culverts on Butte Creek and Hawk Creek with bridges and replacing a third metal culvert with a concrete box culvert which is open on the bottom. The road will be raised by as much as 5 feet in areas, then paved. Creek beds will be cleaned out the banks stabilized.

This project is scheduled to take place over two construction seasons, but because of WCC’s expertise in working in coastal waterways and by utilizing its Project Control System, the company has a workable schedule to complete the work in one season, during the summer and fall of 2021.

As this is an ecologically fragile area, WCC needs to take extra precaution to prevent damage during construction. Luckily, the company is well versed in building structures in sensitive areas and protecting the environment.

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