Mud Mountain Dam

Originally constructed in 1948, the historic Mud Mountain Dam, located on Washington's White River, is 432 feet high and 1,600 feet thick at the base. The core of the dam consists of sand, gravel, and a three-foot layer of quarry rock that covers the entire structure to protect against rain wash. In 2008, WCC built a reusable cofferdam for the US Army Corps of Engineers which allowed inspection and repair of the underwater portion of the dam. This cofferdam was constructed of reusable sheet piles, put into place using a vibratory hammer from American Piledriving Equipment (APE) and a framework that was built to extremely tight specifications. Extensive work platforms were constructed to allow the crew to work safely and effectively on the project. After repairs were complete, the entire structure was removed and set aside for use in future repairs. WCC's extensive inspections ensured their comprehensive understanding of the strict requirements of the assignment, respecting the tight timetable, project schedule, and budget. WCC is an expert in driving sheet piles for a variety of applications where extreme accuracy is important. This is one of WCC's unique projects that required such accuracy.

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