Indigo Hotel and Kirkland Tower

The downtown waterfront district of Vancouver, Washington is currently being revitalized into a dynamic mixed-use property including residential, commercial and retail space. A busy industrial area going back to the late 1800's, the area was once home to lumber mills, factories and shipping depots for traffic on the Columbia river. Shipyards were opened in the early 1900's which produced navy ships during World Wars I and II. Most recently, the area was home to a paper mill, which closed in 1996.

Kirkland Development recently constructed a high end hotel and condominium complex on Block 4 of the development. Hotel Indigo is an eight story, full service hotel with restaurant facilities, containing 120 rooms. Kirkland Tower, at 5 stories with a total of 20 condominium units with prices nearing $3 million per unit, includes retail shops and restaurants.

West Coast Contractors (WCC) was been brought in to construct a watertight sheet pile cofferdam using approximately 800 lineal feet of 55 ft. sheet piles. Once this was done, WCC excavated 54,000 cubic yards of soil, much of it being underwater, and poured a 5 ft. thick, 6,500 cu. yd. concrete base. This base needed to be heavy enough to overcome the upward hydrostatic pressure of the groundwater and was poured completely underwater using a tremie process. The concrete pour was a continuous pour lasting over 15 hours, utilizing 4 large concrete boom pump trucks and 30 concrete delivery trucks. Once the pour was completed, the cofferdam was dewatered and turned over to the developer for the remainder of the work, beginning with the parking garage.

WCC completed the substantial their portion of the work in November, 2018, with final construction of the project being completed by Kirkland in 2019.

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