Trinidad Pier Replacement

West Coast Contractors (WCC), in partnership with the Cher-Ae Heights Indian Community of the Trinidad Rancheria, rehabilitated the northern most oceanfront pier in California. This project included replacing the 540-foot-long pier's wooden deck structure with an impervious precast concrete deck that is properly sloped and drained. Replacing the pier's 24-foot to 26-foot wide wood deck with concrete involved the installation of steel piles along with moorage and fender piles. A pile bent was also installed at the existing elevation of the lower deck to provide access to the floating dock. To complete this project, large rocks located around supporting piling and under the dock were moved in order to place the piling. WCC utilized professional divers to assist moving the rocks with an excavator and crane mounted clamshell bucket.

The completed pier gives the Cher-Ae Heights community a stronger, reconstructed pier that features new hoists, improved lighting, guardrails, dock utilities, and pipes. This more than six-acre harbor project site included the pier, mooring field, boat launch, two parking lots, the Seascape Restaurant, public restrooms, a wastewater treatment facility, bait and gift shop, a vacation rental house, recreation areas, and areas for boat parking.

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